• Angela Lansbury is a private person
  • The legendary actress has two children
  • Get to know Anthony and Deirdre!

Angela Lansbury is the legendary actress best known from Murder, She Wrote. Did you know the British screen and stage icon is also a proud mother of two?

Angela Lansbury had a son and daughter in the 1950s

The story of Angela Lansbury's children goes way back. The actress married her husband Peter Shaw in 1949 — a union that would last over 50 years — and they started a family soon after.

In 1952, Lansbury gave birth to her son Anthony. The couple then welcomed daughter Deirdre in 1953. Lansbury was in her late 20s at the time.

Angela Lansbury with her son and daughter

Anthony Shaw grew up to be an actor and director, while Deirdre Shaw (Battarra) got into the restaurant business with her husband in Los Angeles.

Later, Anthony even directed dozens of episodes of his mother's show Murder, She Wrote. How neat!

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Sadly, the family lost Angela's husband Peter Shaw in 2003, but Lansbury and her children are still around today.

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