• These are Clint Eastwood's ex wives
  • The actor has been married twice
  • He now has a girlfriend

Hollywood's timeless icon, Clint Eastwood, celebrated for his roles in 'Dirty Harry' and 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,' is presently romantically involved with Christina Sandera. However, did you know that the legendary actor has walked down the aisle not once, but twice? Click through to get acquainted with his former wives.

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Margaret Neville "Maggie" Johnson (1953–1984)

Clint Eastwood's first wife, Margaret "Maggie" Johnson, was his high school sweetheart. The couple married in 1953 and had two children together, Kyle and Alison. Despite a marriage spanning over three decades, their relationship faced challenges, leading to a divorce in 1984.

Clint Eastwood Los Angeles.CA.USA. LIBRARY. Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson (Maggie Eastwood) in the early 1970s. The

The actor openly labeled their inaugural year of matrimony as "terrible," citing his inclination to continue "doing as [he] pleased." In the late '50s, he engaged in an extramarital affair that led to the birth of his second child, Kimber Lynn, born in 1964.

Dina Ruiz (1996–2014)

During his courtship with actress Frances Fisher, Clint Eastwood encountered news anchor Dina Eastwood, formerly Dina Ruiz, who resided in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Their paths initially crossed when she interviewed him in 1992, and fate brought them together once more at a local event.

"We got along really well and I guess we flirted a little bit because she took the film back to 'KSBW' and one of her associates said, 'You're going to marry him,' " Eastwood told 'Carmel Magazine' of their first meeting.


In 1996, Eastwood married Ruiz. The couple welcomed a daughter, Morgan, but their marriage encountered difficulties, resulting in a divorce in 2014.