Ever since its release in 1987, the cult movie Dirty Dancing, with the love story between "Baby" (Jennifer Grey, 59) and "Johnny" (Patrick Swayze, †57), is still being watched over and over again. But not only the story of the lovers, also the tragic tale of "Johnny's" dance partner "Penny" remains unforgotten. The pretty blonde was portrayed by none other than Cynthia Rhodes (62).

Dirty Dancing: Facts About The Iconic Soundtrack songs dances scenes cast actors Swayze Grey

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze starred in this cult film!

'Dirty Dancing': 10 Facts About The Iconic Soundtrack

Cynthia Rhodes has always been dancing

Cynthia Rhodes, born in the state of Tennessee, began her career as a singer and dancer quite early in life. She became famous by playing "Tina Tech" in the musical movie Flashdance. In Sylvester Stallone's (72) Staying Alive the then 27-year-old starred as one of the main characters.

Yet Cynthia Rhodes had her most famous role in Dirty Dancing. She also appeared as a dancer in various music videos. Cynthia, however, also had a career as a singer! From 1989 to 1990 Cynthia was the lead singer of the New-Wave band "Animotion"

Cynthia Rhodes: Now a mother and housewife

In 1989, Cynthia Rhodes married the singer Richard Marx (55). The two met six years earlier when Marx was working on the soundtrack for Staying Alive and he was apparently still too young for her. Only two years later they eventually started dating. Shortly after their wedding, Cynthia Rhodes ended her career to take care of her three sons, which she had with Marx. After 25 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2014.