• Actress Sara Ramirez is finally getting divorced
  • She is officially splitting from Ryan DeBolt
  • It comes after three years apart

In a whirlwind of personal and professional upheaval, Sara Ramirez, famed for their role as "Callie Torres" on 'Grey's Anatomy' and the nonbinary comedian Che Diaz on the 'Sex and the City' reboot, 'And Just Like That,' has officially filed for divorce from Ryan DeBolt.

Here's the scoop!

The End of an Era

The split comes alongside news of Ramirez's controversial character not returning for the show's third season, sparking a frenzy of fan speculation and media buzz. 

It's official! After more than a decade of marriage, Sara Ramirez has filed for divorce from husband Ryan DeBolt, citing "irreconcilable differences."

The couple, who tied the knot back in July 2012, have been living separately since January 2018.

Court documents obtained by 'ET' state the couple actually split back in January 2018 and Ramirez lists the reason for dissolution of the marriage as those "irreconcilable differences" we mentioned. In any case, Ramirez has blocked the court's ability to award spousal support and the pair do not share any children.

With no children in the picture and a block against spousal support, it seems the split is as straightforward as it gets. But the timing? Now, that's got everyone talking! Divorces are never easy to process, after all...

Just as the dust seemed to be settling, news hit that Ramirez's groundbreaking character, "Che Diaz", would not be returning to the streets of New York City for the third season of 'And Just Like That.'

"Che", who became infamous for breaking up one of TV's most beloved marriages, has completed their arc, according to Cynthia Nixon ("Miranda Hobbes").

Fans are left wondering, was the decision linked to the divorce, or did Ramirez feel their controversial role had indeed "run its course"?

It is done?

They created such an amazing character -- such a controversial character, but such an amazing character," Nixon told 'Variety' of Ramirez. "I think they felt, and Michael Patrick [King] felt, that that character had run its course. They came in and shook everything up, and then the arc was completed.

With Ramirez and Karen Pittman (Professor "Nya Wallace") exiting the scene, the upcoming season of 'And Just Like That' promises to be a rollercoaster. Pittman's departure due to scheduling conflicts adds another layer to the evolving narrative.

As the show bids farewell to two dynamic characters, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eager to see how these exits will reshape the storyline.

"It has been a joy to have Karen Pittman play the smart and stunning Professor Nya Wallace on the first two seasons of 'And Just Like That…,'" a Max spokesperson told 'ET' in a statement at the time. "As we have thoroughly enjoyed working with this dynamic actress, so too have others."

Due to her commitments to two other streamer series, it has become apparent that filming three shows at once isn't possible.

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As Sara Ramirez navigates through personal changes, their professional journey takes a parallel turn, leaving fans speculating about the future.

The world goes around and around...

From their impactful portrayal of "Che Diaz" to the end of a significant chapter in their personal life, Ramirez remains a figure of resilience and transformation in the ever-evolving world of celebrity drama.