• Queen Bey has gone country recently
  • Many country purists were not happy, but Dolly Parton was
  • THIS is what Dolly had to say about it

Parton's Instagram shoutout celebrates Beyoncé's country chart success with her new song "Texas Hold 'Em", stirring up the music world and confirming the genre of Queen Bey's latest hit.

Dolly is all ears for this one!

Hold your cowboy hats, folks! The music world is buzzing louder than a beehive after Dolly Parton, the rhinestone-clad queen of country herself, took to Instagram to tip her hat to Beyoncé's latest musical adventure.

That's right, y'all – Beyoncé's new song "Texas Hold 'Em" has been crowned as true country gold by Dolly! Beyoncé's not just dipping her toes in the country pond; she's making waves! Her new track "Texas Hold 'Em" has galloped straight to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

And guess what? She didn't stop there! "16 Carriages", another twangy tune from her upcoming album 'Act II', has also lassoed the No. 9 position. Talk about a country conquest!

When Dolly Parton speaks, the music world listens. And this time, she's singing praises for Beyoncé's country debut. Dolly knows a thing or two about genre crossovers, having just released her own rock album 'Rockstar'.

If anyone can spot a crossover hit, it's this country music trailblazer!

Also interesting:

With Dolly's blessing, Beyoncé's reign over the country charts is just beginning. 'Act II' is set to drop on March 29, and fans are already chomping at the bit.

Will Queen Bey continue to rule the country roost? Only time will tell, but with Dolly's endorsement, the odds are looking mighty fine.