• Donald Trump is haunted by a story about mashed potatoes
  • The story comes from his niece's tell-all book about the Trumps
  • She says the "mashed potatoes story" still upsets him now

Don't mention mashed potatoes around Donald Trump! It turns out the former president is haunted by a story about the common side dish.

The story, from Trump's youth, was revealed in his niece Mary L. Trump's tell-all book, Too Much and Never Enough.

The "legendary" Donald Trump mashed potatoes story

Mary L. Trump calls it a "legendary" story in her family, and it's said to always draw laughter from all Trumps... except for the man himself, Donald Trump. He apparently gets upset, crosses his arms, and scowls when the story is mentioned.

It goes like this. Mary L. Trump's book describes young Donald as a disobedient bully, whose target was often his younger brother, Robert Trump.

Also interesting:

At a family dinner when Donald was 7, he was "tormenting Robert, again, and nobody could get him to stop," Mary writes. That's when Donald's older brother, Freddy Trump (father of author Mary), intervened.

Mary writes of the "family legend": "Freddy picked up the first thing at hand that wouldn’t cause any real damage... [and] dumped a bowl of mashed potatoes on his then-seven-year-old brother's head."

As Mary was told, "Everybody laughed, and they couldn't stop laughing. And they were laughing at Donald." Mary writes that the incident "wounded Donald's pride so deeply" that it stuck with him for life.

Mary L. Trump's book Too Much and Never Enough

Fatefully, Trump's niece also believes the humiliating moment was a formative experience for Donald, one of several from his childhood that made him the man he became.

"[Donald] hadn't understood that humiliation was a weapon that could be wielded by only one person in a fight," Mary writes.

"From then on, he would never allow himself to feel that feeling again. From then on, he would wield the weapon, never be at the sharp end of it."

According to Mary L. Trump, the mashed potatoes story was brought up one of the final times she saw her uncle in 2017, and it still "bothered" him then.

Her book Too Much and Never Enough was published in 2020, and the Trump family unsuccessfully sued to block its publication.

Trump's niece, a psychologist, sought in the book to explain how her family "created the world's most dangerous man."