• Shawn Toovey was on 'Dr. Quinn'
  • He played as a young boy in the series
  • This is what Shawn does today

From 1993 to 1998, Shawn Toovey appeared in front of the camera as "Brian Cooper" for 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'. He played the little boy who, along with his siblings, was placed in the care of the physician "Dr. Michaela Quinn" (Jane Seymour) after his mother died.

Shawn Toovey won the Young Artist Award several times

After the end of "Dr. Quinn," Shawn Toovey appeared in two specials of the western series in the following years. He was awarded the Young Artist Award four times for his acting performances, and was nominated for the award three more times.

Shawn Toovey attended the University of Nebraska from 2001 to 2005, earning a bachelor's degree in journalism and film studies. Two years later he married Marianne Toovey and had a child with her, as 'IMDb' reports.

However, the "Brian" actor devoted himself to charity work throughout his life. He co-founded an organization for poor children and is also involved in a diabetic foundation. In addition, he works in the Children's Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

After his role of "Brian" in 'Dr. Quinn', Shawn retired from the acting business and has not appeared in any other film or series to date.

So to the viewers he will probably be always be seen as a little "Brian". He still gets along famously with his series colleagues, as group photos prove time and again.

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