• Trinity Taylor was on Ru Paul's Drag Race
  • She won season 4 of All-Stars 
  • Trinity Taylor is now announcing her true identity

Trinity Taylor is a huge fan favourite of Ru Paul's Drag Race, so much so that she was brought back for season four of All-Stars! After taking home her crown in season 4, Taylor has been seen in other various TV reality series.

Trinity Taylor reveals truth of gender identity

On March 31, which is also the national Transgender Day of Visibility, Trinity Taylor posted a vulnerable post on her Instagram, detailing her battle with gender identity.  

Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Trinity Taylor attends Meet the Queens of RuPaul™s Drag Race All Stars

"Years ago after starting drag I seriously questioned how I identified with my gender," she wrote. "That’s why I altered my body starting at the age of 21 to look more feminine and also started hormone therapy for a short period."

Taylor has always been transparent with her body modifications and has even appeared on the TLC reality series, Botched

"I stopped because I personally don’t know that I would be comfortable living as female with the way id physically look. Everyone has their own journey I suppose," she continued.

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She noted that she's still not sure where her journey will take her, saying that she does know she identifies as "trans-non-binary".

"I wanted to share my feelings in hopes that others who felt like me would know they aren’t alone," she wrote.

Transgender Day Of Visibility was celebrated by a few different major celebs, including Laverne Cox, Ariana Grande, and Elliot Page.

We are so proud of Taylor for living her truth!

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