• Drake has posted on Instagram Stories
  • Many speculate it is a shot at Kendrick Lamar
  • THIS is what happened

This eyebrow-raising move comes hot on the heels of a shocking incident outside Drake's lavish $100 million Toronto mansion, where a drive-by shooting left one of his security guards critically injured.

What did he mean by it?

Drake's Instagram story featured a chilling scene from the Netflix series "A Man in Full," where Jeff Daniels' character contemplates his legacy post-mortem.

"When you die, will people notice?" the clip ominously questions, hinting at the ongoing feud's potentially fatal stakes. This post not only adds fuel to the fire in Drake and Kendrick's long-standing beef but also raises eyebrows given its timing—mere days after the harrowing attack on Drake's security detail.

According to the 'Toronto Sun', the unnamed guard was lured outside by a car that was blaring loud music shortly after 2am on Tuesday, and is now fighting for his life.

Suspects inside the car reportedly opened fire after the guard came outside, and hit him in the 'upper body, possibly the right arm.' The guard remains hospitalized with serious life-threatening injuries. 

Toronto Police said that they could not confirm if the rapper was home at the time of the shooting. Despite Drake's ongoing feud with Kendrick, officials have not indicated any early link to the shooting.

Drake and Kendrick started off as friends, and even collaborated on each other's records in their early careers. 

Once collaborators and tour mates, Drake and Kendrick's friendship soured spectacularly in 2013, spiraling into a series of scathing diss tracks. The tension reached a boiling point last October, with both artists releasing songs that took not-so-subtle digs at one another.

Kendrick's recent track "Euphoria" even accused Drake of being an absent father, prompting a rapid musical retort from Drake that addressed Kendrick's claims head-on.

Also interesting:

The exchange of diss tracks has escalated, with Kendrick suggesting Drake has a secret daughter and Drake vehemently denying any such allegations. The feud has taken a dark turn, with Kendrick's latest song featuring a graphic of Drake's home marked with red sex offender symbols—a claim Drake was quick to refute in his response track "The Heart Part 6."