• Michael Gambon is a British screen and stage actor
  • He is best known from the Harry Potter films
  • Gambon looked very different in his younger days

For many modern audiences, Michael Gambon is known as the headmaster at "Hogwarts, School Of Magic". But Gambon has been in front of the camera since the 1960s and has got quite an impressive resume to his name, including productions of all sorts, from drama to comedy, and everything in between!

Michael Gambon's legacy is one to aspire to

It all started with Shakespeare. He first appeared in the film Othello together with his future Harry Potter co-star Maggie Smith! And there was already a great screen chemistry between them, even back then! But how did Michael look in those days?

Also interesting:

At that time he still had brown hair and an impressive mustache. Michael Gambon also kept his beard for a long time. But then came bigger and better projects, and Gambon's looks changed as well. In The Heat of the Day from 1989, he even had a full beard and looked pretty good...

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