• Andy Taylor is the guitarist of the band Duran Duran
  • He suffers from prostate cancer
  • THIS is why he does not want to stop working

Andy Taylor isn't thinking of retiring. The guitarist of the band Duran Duran has been suffering from end-stage prostate cancer for many years now. But a break for him is out of the question. For several weeks he has been fighting his illness with nuclear therapy. and his outlook is still positive.

Andy Taylor is a rock star and a fighter!

The treatment, which kills the diseased cells, is said to give him another five years of life. After the first round of treatment I said, 'If I’m OK, and you guys say I’m OK and do your blood tests, is it OK to start work again? Light work and get out?, Andy Taylor told 'BBC Breakfast'.

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For many, the treatment is what allows them to have some sense of normalcy as they fight their illness. But why does the guitarist carry on despite his terminal cancer? Andy was quite clear on why he keeps on going...

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