Where are Dwayne Johnson's origins? For starters, the actor was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California. A short time later, however, he and his family went to Hawaii.

The WWF star lived in paradise on the island of Oahu for a few years until he returned to the mainland at a young age. His mother is originally from Samoa, an island nation in the southwestern Pacific. His father Rocky Johnson was Afro-Canadian by way of the US.

Dwayne Johnson studied criminology at the University of Miami in Florida, where he also excelled on the football field. However, after an injury, he was unable to pursue this career path. The future actor returned to his family's roots in the wrestling business.

Dwayne Johnson's origins — and wrestling tradition

The Johnson family has a long history of wrestling. The star's father is wrestling legend Rocky Johnson, who coached his son. His maternal grandfather Peter Maivia was also a wrestler in the 1960s and '70s.

Rocky Johnson, the father of Dwayne Johnson, was a famous wrestler

Dwayne Johnson himself started wrestling in 1995. A successful career followed and he won numerous titles. In 2019, Johnson officially resigned from the wrestling business in favour of his successful acting career.

Dwayne Johnson: Tattoo about his ethnicity

Johnson's origins are immortalized on his arm. The Jumanji actor's left upper arm is adorned with a tattoo, which is a Samoan tradition that shows the history of his family.

In addition, his family has expanded: the Hollywood star is the father of three daughters. His wife is the singer Lauren Hashian.

Recently, Johnson's eldest daughter even began her own wrestling career, a decision Johnson said made him "very proud."