• Dynasty was a classic American series that aired in the 1980s
  • It launched the careers of many prominent actors 
  • Many of its cast have already passed on

It was not just about the bitter struggle between the two oil companies "Denver-Carrington" and "Colbyco"...but also about the trials and tribulations of the characters. The series dates back several decades now but it's still incredibly relevant today, for many modern television productions.

Dynasty marked its very own era in television

We'll take a look at the cast of Dynasty, and tell you which of them have unfortunately already died. John Forsythe played the lead role of "Blake", the head of the "Denver-Carrington" oil company. Forsythe was a definite fan favorite during his time on the show, with millions of fans worldwide.

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Initially unscrupulous, he gradually developed into a magnanimous character in the show. And the actor's life was full of wonder as well. John Forsythe died in 2010 at the proud age of 92 from pneumonia he contracted as a result of cancer. 

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