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Born May 23, 1933, English actress Joan Collins is a legend in Hollywood. Before making her big break into Hollywood, however, Joan was a rising star in the UK, both in film and on stage. 

Today the actress is best known for her roles in cult classic Land of the Pharaohs, British films The Stud and The Bitch, and her biggest role to date as "Alexis Carrington" on popular 1980's American soap opera Dynasty

Joan Collins as "Alexis Carrington"

In 1981, Joan Collins would be brought on to Dynasty as oil-tycoon "Blake Carrington's" beautiful but vengeful ex-wife "Alexis Carrington". When Joan first started filming with the show, the soap opera was struggling to stay afloat. 

However, within months after Joan joined the cast, her performance would bring a rise in the show's ratings, and she has been credited as the sole reason for the show's revival and success! Joan Collins was later honored for her achievements with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and by 1985 Dynasty was the number one show on TV.

Joan Collins Today

After Dynasty, Joan spent time performing on Broadway and also appeared in a number of TV series including popular American soap opera Guiding Light and most recently season 8 of American Horror Story. While Joan, who has been married multiple times and can relate to "Alexis Carrington" on being an ex-wife, she is quite the opposite of her onscreen character.

When she's not performing on-screen, the 90-year-old can be found spending time with her husband of 21 years, Percy Gibson or taking part in multiple charities. Her kindness was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 when she made Joan a Dame, one of the highest honors one can receive for charitable work! You can continue to keep up with the Dame by reading her posts for media outlet The Spector

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