• Ashley Park is a celebrated Broadway and screen actress
  • She is best know for her work in Emily in Paris
  • As a young woman, Ashley battled leukemia

Ashley's rise to fame absolutely soared with the show, and things are looking pretty great for her these days. However, the fact that the actress is so successful today is anything but a matter of coincidence. At the age of 15 she received the shock diagnosis of cancer! She had acute myeloid leukemia and had to undergo chemotherapy!

Ashley is not only a great talent, but a fighter as well!

Life was anything but simple for her during those days, and understandably so. During her time in the hospital, Ashley had to be careful about her diet, but it wasn't easy for her. In a recent interview, Ashley shared what life was like as she fought the good fight to get healthy again!

Also interesting:

She told Shape magazine about an incident where she wanted to eat grapes but was not allowed to because of the strict diet. That was just one in many events that shaped Ashley's personality. Fortunately, she was able to overcome cancer. But this stroke of fate still influences the life of the Emily in Paris star...

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