• Emma Watson's relationship is over
  • She broke up with her boyfriend Brandon Green
  • Is she dating HIM now?

Emma Watson (33) has broken up with her boyfriend Brandon Green. Does she already have a new one?

Emma Watson: From ex to ex?

Emma Watson and Brandon Green had been seen together since August 2022. The two were in an on-again-off-again relationship and have now separated after 18 "serious" months, as reported by 'Daily Mail'.

The reason for the relationship breakup was not mentioned. But Watson does not seem to be too upset, because she was spotted in March with none other than her ex-boyfriend, Brendan Wallace!

Also interesting:

A fan photographed the two at a Taylor Swift concert and posted a picture on Twitter. Whether Emma Watson is enjoying her single life or considering a love comeback with Brendan Wallace, we will hopefully find out soon!