• 'Mike & Molly' actor Billy Gardell has lost a lot of weight
  • The Hollywood star lost 68 kilos
  • That's how he succeeded

'Mike & Molly' actor Billy Gardell is open about his diet and his desire to be a healthy role model for his son. Unlike was the case for many of us, since the pandemic began, he has lost more than 150 pounds and now weighs between 200 and 250 pounds. And now he looks great!

Billy Gardell is known from "Mike & Molly"

Billy Gardell has lost over 150 pounds!

He has had bariatric surgery and is eating healthier. In an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight', Billy Gardell explained that his desire to be a health role model for his son motivated him to take care of his health. And like any good parent he answered the call!

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"When you hit 50, you start doing that dad math, like, 'If I can live 25 more years, and he'll be 40'…. So I want to be here for him," he said. Gardell also stressed that he regrets not taking care of his health earlier and wants to be a healthy role model now...

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