• Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been dating for two years
  • Now fans are saying that the two have split up
  • THESE are the signs

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been in an extravagant relationship for about two years now. The actress and the musician were dead serious about their love for each other that they got engaged in January 2022.

Fans were witness to their love, as Megan and Machine Gun Kelly shared their affection both in public and on social media. But it seems to be all over for them. Has their relationship come to an end?!

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly split? Less and fewer pictures of the couple are being posted

It seems so as attentive followers have noticed that pictures of the couple on Instagram have decreased. As of May, Megan Fox has only been posting pictures of herself on her account. And Machine Gun Kelly hasn't shared a single picture of the couple. For their fans, this is a clear sign: the two have split up.

“It seems like Megan has dropped Machine Gun Kelly for good. They haven't posted anything about each other for what feels like an eternity now", according to a Twitter user about the alleged split. For many, this comes as a shock, as the two were a match made in heaven.

"As weird as they were, I liked them as a couple. They seem to be a perfect match. Unfortunately looks like they are separated”, adds another user on Twitter. It remains to be seen what Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly will say about these rumors.