Anne Archer

"Beth Gallagher" still looks amazing!

'Fatal Attraction': This Is Anne Archer Today

The 72-year-old actress Anne Archer came to prominence for her role as "Beth" in the 1987 film Fatal AttractionThe gorgeous California native has been active in the film industry since the early 1970's and recently starred in the 2017 film Traffickedas well as in the television series Law & Order: SUV in 2018.

Anne Archer, who currently lives in Los Angeles next to the Santa Monica Mountains, has been happily married to Terry Jastrow since 1979. They have been members of the Church of Scientology since 1975 and enjoy living in a place surrounded by nature. But as probably every human being, the beautiful Anne has some guilty pleasures. During an interview with The Daily Mail a couple years ago, she revealed those mysterious facts about her life!

These are Anne Archer's guilty pleasures

-She has dieted her entire life but still keeps a chocolate bar in the fridge just in case. She tells herself she can have only a small piece of it everyday, but she "suddenly goes through the whole bar"

-Anne quit being a social smoker a couple years ago. Still she finds herself saying: "Oh! I'll have one!" if someone offers her a cigarette during a party

-She is convinced people should age naturally. However, she has also admitted she likes cosmetic procedures and even had a face lift a long time ago

-The Fatal Attraction star has said she is a light sleeper. That's why she likes to sleep with a noise machine so little sounds at night won't wake her up!

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