• Blac Chyna is a model and actress
  • She began a fitness journey some time ago
  • THIS is what she looks like now

One of the things that characterizes her personality is her confidence in her own body. However, that doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. Fans of Blac Chyna can’t believe the progress she’s made since beginning her physical transformation when she decided to get in the best shape of her life.

She has publicly vowed to focus on her health after reversing her past cosmetic procedures that she now regrets. Last Saturday, the 35-year-old posted two Instagram videos of herself going hard in the gym. Fans couldn't help but be impressed.

What a difference a gym makes!

She was showing off her muscles and toned physique which is looking better than ever before. "Mind, Body, and Soul all combined there [are] endless possibilities. Be safe God bless you all," she wrote. And it's clear she is inspiring many other women to take charge of their health journeys as well.

In the comments section, fans raved how far Chyna has come since working out consistently. "This is hard work, doctors can’t give you this kind of body. Well done girl," one commented, while another said, "It’s the dedication for me! Your body alone says ‘I’m determined to do it different this time’ I love it!"

Also interesting:

Blac Chyna has been serious about reversing some of the cosmetic procedures she did in the past, saying this to 'Entertainment Tonight':

"You have to think about it like this ... whatever we put on the outside is the first thing, I could look at you and make any assumption right until you start speaking to me. So my thing is before you even start talking to me or give me a chance I want you to see, 'OK this is a well-rounded woman.' Not with these types of boobs and a big butt and the big lips. It’s just like, ‘Ahh.’ It put me in this category when that's really not who I am internally."

The fact is, she's never looked healthier and we are all here for it. The rest of her life looks to be the best of her life now. Let's wait and see how far she takes her new fitness regimes!