• Flavor Flav is a rap icon
  • He is also a Red Lobster lover
  • THIS is how he is helping them stay afloat

Red Lobster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. Days before doing so, the chain closed nearly 100 locations. . On June 3, rapper Flavor Flav took to X to show his support for the restaurant. "Ya boy meant it when I said I was gonna do anything and everything to help @redlobster and save the cheddar bay biscuits," Flavor Flav said via X.

Flav knows flavor!

All his fans know just how serious he is about this!

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"Ordered the whole menu!!!," he posted. In an additional post, the 65-year-old said that he shared the food with his family. Red Lobster commented beneath his post, saying, "It's flavor time, boyeeeeeeee..."

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