• Singer Toby Keith recently died
  • He lost his battle to cancer
  • NFL star Brett Favre has THIS to say

The entertainment world is reeling from the loss of a country music titan, and no one felt the tremors more than NFL icon Brett Favre, who recently opened up about the final days of his good friend, Toby Keith. The "Red Solo Cup" singer, who charmed fans with his down-to-earth anthems, succumbed to stomach cancer in a battle that showcased his indomitable spirit.

Courage in the face of adversity

In an exclusive with TMZ Sports, Favre painted a picture of a man who faced his fate with a mix of realism and hope. "I think in the end he was just tired," Favre recounted. Keith's candid admission to Favre in their last heart-to-heart was as poignant as it was brave: "Brett… whatever happens, I'm okay with it."

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Despite the grim prognosis, Keith's resilience shone through. Favre, who made it a point to check in on the country star every three months, hoped against hope that Keith had "turned a corner" on his health. But the Vegas shows in December told a different story, with Keith revealing the toll chemotherapy had taken on him.

"He said, ‘I quit chemo and it probably did more damage to me than the cancer did,’ " the former Green Bay Packers player shared. "And he said, ‘I just hope I didn’t quit it too late, but… I’m thankful I got a chance to play some shows. I finished them.’ "

Toby Keith, who lost more than 130 lbs during his ordeal, "handled it with grace and faith and family," Favre said, admiring the singer's strength. The bond between the two celebrities extended beyond illness and into the fairways, where they shared a love for golf. Favre may not recall every shot Keith made, but he'll never forget the joy and entertainment Keith brought to every game.

Favre recalled how the duo would take golfing trips together before his late pal’s health woes. "I can’t remember a good or a bad shot he hit," Favre said. "I can just remember him smiling, and had everyone hooting and hollering and having a lot of fun."

"He was an entertainer. He was the best."

Toby Keith’s passing was announced earlier this week in a post shared on his official social media account. "Toby Keith passed peacefully last night on February 5th, surrounded by his family," the post read. "He fought his fight with grace and courage. Please respect the privacy of his family at this time."

Also interesting:

The country music community and fans worldwide are mourning the loss of Toby Keith, who "passed peacefully" surrounded by his loved ones.

The tributes, led by stars like Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire, highlight Keith's toughness and his inspirational journey. McEntire's words resonate with everyone who knew Keith: "But he doesn't have to fight anymore, and he doesn't have to hurt anymore."

As we remember Toby Keith, not just for his music but for his courage, let's hold onto the memories and the melodies that made him a beacon of strength. Farewell, Toby Keith, your songs will continue to echo in the hearts of many.