• Rebel Wilson recently started dating a woman
  • She made the relationship public herself
  • Her coming out should not have been forced

Rebel Wilson (42) surprised fans last week with her coming out. The actress is in a happy relationship with a woman! Now it turns out that coming out wasn't entirely of her own free will. Journalist Kate Doak claims on Twitter that Rebel was pushed into it.

Was Rebel Wilson forced to come out?

The Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald gave Rebel Wilson two days to come out before the newspaper revealed the news. The actress herself indirectly confirms this claim with her reply to a tweet.

Rebel Wilson

"It's a very hard situation, but trying to handle it with grace," she writes. The responsible journalist then published a statement. He explains that his email to the actress was not meant to be a threat.

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The columnist, who is openly gay himself, apologizes for his choice of words and explains that it is not the job of the Herald to out celebrities.

Despite this apology, there is now an uneasy feeling about the beautiful announcement of Rebel Wilson's new love.