• Franz Beckenbauer has died
  • His son Stephan died far too young
  • He was just 46 years old

The soccer world stands still: Franz Beckenbauer, "Der Kaiser" of German soccer, has passed away. On January 7, 2024, the icon who defined the sport in Germany passed at the age of 78 - a loss that will reverberate far beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

His achievements on the pitch were legendary, but his life was not free from the profound personal upheavals that shaped him.

Franz Beckenbauer's son Stephan died far too early

In 2013, Franz Beckenbauer experienced one of the hardest blows that life can throw at you: his son Stephan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He succumbed to the serious illness on July 31, 2015 at the young age of 46. The news of his death shook the family to the core. "I don't know if you can ever come to terms with the death of your child. Probably not" Franz Beckenbauer revealed in a moving interview with 'Bild'.

Franz Beckenbauer, who was often on the road during his active time as a player and coach, stood by his son in his most difficult hours. The hope of averting the inevitable remained unfulfilled.

Stephan Beckenbauer, born in 1968 and the second son from his marriage to Brigitte Wittmann, was the only child to inherit his father's footballing talent. His early death left a gap that even Franz Beckenbauer was unable to fill.

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