Much has been said about actor David Schwimmer's amazing career, especially regarding his role as "Ross Geller" in one of our favourite sitcoms, Friends!

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But what about his personal life? Have you met his fabulous mom Arlene? Let's find out a bit more about her and David Schwimmer's early years...


Meet David Schwimmer's successful mom Arlene

David Schwimmer was born in New York City's Queens district. When he was younger he and his family moved to Los Angeles where he had his first acting experience. Later on, the Schwimmer family decided to relocate again, this time to Beverly Hills. The reason? His mother Arlene Coleman-Schwimmer was at the highest peak of her career as a divorce lawyer!

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David Schwimmer's fabulous mom Arlene was born on November 2, 1940, and has been married to Arthur Schwimmer since 1964. Did you know she also has an amazing on-screen career? She appeared in her son's 1998 film Since You've Been Gone!

David Schwimmer and his mom Arlene pictured in 2010:

David Schwimmer and Arlene Schwimmer at the opening reception for Loos by Zoe Buckman photo exhibition, NYC, 2010