• John Stamos is a 90's heartthrob
  • He poses naked in the shower
  • Surprise photo or purposely posed?

John Stamos gives Instagram quite the view

The nineties heartthrob was photographed naked by his wife in the shower and shared the new snapshot on Instagram. It is not entirely clear whether his wife surprised him with the camera while he was showering or whether John called her over and posed for the photo.

The result is more than impressive. Even at 60, the actor is still a real eye-catcher! The series star is apparently cooling off under an outdoor shower when his wife Caitlin snaps the intimate picture.

In the photo, he turns sideways to the camera and has his mouth open. The picture is cropped in a way that his naked bum is no longer visible. John Stamos' Instagram followers don't get to see a shot like this every day.

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His fans are all thrilled by the sight and hope for more: "Oh how I look forward to these birthday posts," says one commenter.

On August 19th, John Stamos celebrated the start of his seventh decade. On the special day, he writes about his shower photo: "The other side of 60," the actor says.