• John Stahl has died at age 68
  • He was known from Game of Thrones
  • Stahl played character "Rickard Karstark"

John Stahl was an actor known to audiences for starring in two seasons of the popular series Game of Thrones. He portrayed the vassal "Rickard Karstark" in seasons 2 and 3.

The Scottish star also appeared in other productions such as the soap opera Take the High Road. John Stahl died in early March at the age of 68.

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Game of Thrones star John Stahl has died aged 68

John Stahl's management announced his death in a statement. It says: "We are very sad to announce the death of John Stahl. John was an actor of remarkable skill and a stalwart of Scottish theatre." 

John Stahl is survived by his wife, Jane Paton. May he rest in peace.