• It was shocking news to the world
  • When Ronaldo's twins were born, only the daughter survived
  • Mama Georgina Rodriguez is open about the events 

Georgina Rodriguez (28) speaks more openly than ever about losing her son. In the upcoming season of her Netflix series I am Georgina she talks about this tragedy.

Georgina Rodriguez opens up about her son's death

Via Instagram, the couple announced being pregnant with twins in October 2021. In April 2022, the shocking news followed that her son had died. "You are our angel," said Georgina and Cristiano about their dead son, shortly after the announcement of the sad news.

At a Spanish film festival, Georgina speaks for the first time about this stroke of fate, as The Sun reports.This year I experienced the best and worst moment of my life in one moment. A big piece of my heart broke and I wondered how I could go on”

The birth of their daughter Bella Esmeralda gave Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo a lot of strength during this difficult time. "I looked into the eyes of my children and there I saw the only way of doing it, being all together", Georgina continues. 

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The second season of I am Georgina will be very emotional

The new series will feature moments of the most absolute sadness”, Netflix Entertainment Director Alvaro Diaz announces the upcoming season of I Am Georgina. He is enthusiastic about the openness of Georgina Rodriguez.

"We didn't have any doubt about commissioning a second series after seeing the first, because it's difficult to find someone who opens the doors to their life wide-open like Georgina does", he goes on to say.