• Dianna Agron is a famous actress
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  • Find out what "Quinn Fabray" is doing now

The 36-year-old actress was born in Georgia but spent most of her childhood growing up in different hotels in Texas and California as her father's job as a Hyatt hotel manager took them from city to city. Agron was raised Jewish and started dancing at the age of three.

Dianna Agron's Early Life

Dianna fell in love with acting throughout high school and even played the role of "Marty" in a high school production of Grease. Before landing the role of "Quinn Fabray", Agron had smaller roles on the show Veronica Mars in 2006. 

Dianna Agron at the 2019 Global Citizen Festival

"Quinn Fabray" on Glee

In 2009, Agron landed the role of "Quinn Fabray" after being the last primary actor cast. Dianna almost didn't show up to the audition, because of how nervous she was! Directors also thought she might be too innocent to play the role of "Quinn".

Her nerves and innocence failed to show on Glee and she played the role of a confident queen bee head cheerleader perfectly! Starting in season 4, Agron starred less frequently in the remaining seasons as a guest star until the show ended in 2015 after 6 seasons. 

While on Glee, Agron also starred in hit movies such as Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and I Am Number Four.

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Where is Dianna Agron Today

After Glee, Agron went on to star in other movies like The Crash (2017), Berlin, I Love You (2019), and Shiva Baby (2020). Most recently you can catch her in the 2022 film As They Made Us. She is also a big activist and fights for rights for the LGBT community, supports different Veteran's programs, such as the Vietnam Veteran's Program of America, and spends time volunteering with children living with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

When she's not on screen you can often find her at various charity events supporting a good cause or spending time with her husband, British musician Winston Marshall. You can find Dianna very active on her Instagram account and she even posts about some Glee reunions!