• Vivien Leigh became world famous through the film 'Gone with the Wind'
  • Privately, the actress led a tragic life
  • This is how Vivien Leigh passed away!

Vivien Leigh (†53) passed away an incredible 52 years ago. But thanks to her world fame, which she gained through the Cult film 'Gone with the Wind', she is still far from being forgotten.

'Gone with the Wind': The Tragic Life of Vivien Leigh

At the age of 19, Vivien married Herbert Leigh Holman, thirteen years her senior. The divorce followed only eight years later and in the same year, Vivien married Laurence Olivier, with whom she had already had an affair. Twice Vivien became pregnant by him, but she miscarried both times.

Vivien Leigh was a British theater and film actress

In addition, during her most successful period, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, then still referred to as manic-depressive. Above all, her dramatic miscarriage affected her mental health and she suffered from severe depression.

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