• Grace Kelly was a Hollywood darling and a Princess
  • She tragically died too young
  • Photos from shortly before her death show her beauty

Princess Grace Kelly is a legendary beauty

In 1982, near her home in Monaco, she lost control of her vehicle while traveling on a switchback - and plunged down a cliff.

At the time of her death, Grace Kelly was 52 years old and had been married to Prince Rainier III (†81) for 26 years. With the wedding, the actress became a princess and was in the spotlight more than ever before.

The portrait photo is one of the last photos taken of the Princess. It is dated June 16, 1982. On September 14 she was announced dead.

The picture shows the full beauty of the American once again. Beautifully styled and made up - that's how people knew Grace Kelly.

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10 Facts About Grace Kelly

A look back at a legend!

10 Facts About Grace Kelly

The red on her blazer and the matching stud earrings and lip color are especially striking in the snapshot. Apart from that, the picture shows a radiant, confident woman.