• Grimes stunk up Coachella
  • The singer had major malfunctions happen
  • Her team apologized to fans

Amidst the synthpop beats, Grimes promises a comeback, turning technical turmoil into a lesson learned. It's definitely a Coachella first. Let's all dive into the drama of her Coachella chaos and her vow for a flawless future performance!

Grimes' Coachella was one to forget

Imagine the horror: you're at one of the year's biggest music festivals, ready to dazzle thousands, and then, technical gremlins strike! That's exactly what happened to Grimes at Coachella.

The Canadian singer, known for her eclectic mix of synthpop and techno, faced a performer's worst nightmare – technical issues that threw her set into disarray.

Videos circulating on social media captured Grimes' frustration as she screamed into the microphone, stopped songs midway, and explained the tempo troubles to her audience.

"All my tracks are double the tempo," she lamented, struggling to mix them. The set ended prematurely, with Grimes exiting the stage during her hit "Genesis."

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Grimes issued an apology, explaining the departure from her usual hands-on approach led to the mishap.

"I want to apologize for the technical issues with the show tonight," she stated, adding that she usually handles every aspect of her show herself. Despite the setback, Grimes promised a flawless performance for the following weekend, having learned valuable lessons from the ordeal.

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The incident sparked a mixed bag of reactions online. Some expressed sympathy, comparing her experience to a musician's worst nightmare, while others criticized her for appearing unprepared at such a significant event.

Yet, Grimes remains determined, assuring fans of a seamless show next time.