• Harvey Weinstein is notoriously known for his sexual assault convictions
  • He has recently attended a second trial in Los Angeles
  • A new sentence has been imposed on Weinstein

After a lengthy legal process against the onetime successful film mogul, Harvey Weinstein's legacy has officially come to a bitter end! A second sentence has been handed down to Weinstein as a response to his sexual misconduct. The Los Angeles courts have decided against him once more.

Weinstein will forever live in infamy

Weinstein was found guilty of rape on Monday at his second Los Angeles trial following accusations of sexual abuse that sparked the #MeToo movement! His history of abuse became the backbone behind a cultural revolution that sought to change life for women everywhere.

Also interesting:

Weinstein is two years into a 23-year sentence for a rape and sexual assault conviction in New York. There has been an appeals process in regards to that conviction...

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