• Hailey Bieber got a new ring
  • It is valued at THIS price tag
  • There is a sweet backstory

This addition to her exquisite jewelry collection is estimated to be worth over $1 million. Amidst her first pregnancy, Hailey's fashion statements continue to captivate fans worldwide. Dive with us into the details of Hailey's upgraded diamond collection and her journey through pregnancy fashion!

A Million-Dollar Sparkle!

Hailey Bieber, the ever-glamorous model, has just given her fans a major bling envy! Following a romantic vow renewal ceremony with pop star Justin Bieber, Hailey took to Instagram to flaunt an oval diamond that screams luxury. Set in a classic gold band, this 18-carat marvel pairs perfectly with her Tiffany & Co. wedding band from their 2019 nuptials.

Jewelry experts are buzzing, and Laura Taylor is leading the conversation, estimating Hailey's new ring to be "worth upwards of $1 million." Its exceptional clarity and rarity make it a standout piece. But that's not all! On her pinky finger, Hailey sports her original $500,000 engagement ring, alongside a cherry blossom manicure that's simply to die for.

She said: "Assuming Justin went for the finest colour and clarity grades which isn't a stretch considering her previous engagement ring which is in itself magnificent and now worn on her pinky now seems more yellow in comparison, and with the size looking to be around 10 carat you'd be looking at at least $1.4 million."

In addition to the new ring after the vow renewal, Hailey was seen sporting an eternity wedding ring that matched her husband Justin's band.

Tiffany has revealed they were responsible for the couple's Forever bands, which feature a full circle of diamonds that caught the light as the pair cradled Hailey's bump.

Fan pages have given a closer look at her huge new rock on her wedding finger after she had a manicure, with her original engagement ring now seen on her little finger

Amidst the sparkle, there's more heartwarming news. Hailey is expecting her first child with Justin! The announcement came with a touching video of their vow renewal, where Hailey looked radiant in a Saint Laurent gown. Speculation has it that her engagement ring's new home on her pinky is due to swollen fingers, a common pregnancy symptom.

Hailey's pregnancy fashion is nothing short of spectacular. From her vow renewal gown that echoed her iconic Off-White wedding dress to her everyday chic, she's setting maternity style goals. With Justin by her side, in his laid-back yet stylish ensemble, they're the couple everyone's talking about.

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Justin and Hailey's love story has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but their commitment shines brighter than any diamond. And there is a child on the way!

From their intimate New York City wedding to their vow renewal and now, embarking on the journey of parenthood, they've proven that love conquers all.