• Hailey and Justin Bieber have been married since 2018
  • But their marriage is not perfect either
  • The model explains what the couple is struggling with

Justin (28) and Hailey Bieber (25) have been married since 2018. But even to this day they have to work hard on their relationship, as the model explained on Harper's Bazaar.

Hailey Bieber is honest about her marriage with Justin Bieber

This year, in particular, their marriage was put to the test after both were victims of different ailments. Hailey struggled with a mini-stroke and subsequent heart surgery, while Justin suffered from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, resulting in the paralysis of one side of his face.

"You have to figure out how to deal with this sh*t as it comes, you know? There’s a reason they say, ‘for better or for worse.’ Like, that’s for real!", Hailey told Harper's Bazaar.

Hailey delivers this sweet message about her husband in the interview: "I might fly somewhere and go do a job, but I can't wait to come back and hang out. And I feel like that's because of the effort that's been put in on both sides."

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However, she realizes that being married: "... it still does take a lot of work to make it work."

She, therefore, continues to treat a further step with great respect: "And then I know, eventually, when kids come into the picture, that’s going to be a whole other season of navigating how to make that work."

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, already declared in his documentary that he is more than ready for the challenge.