• Hannah Waddingham is a British actress
  • She is best known from 'Ted Lasso'
  • She clapped back at a paparazzo

At the prestigious Olivier Awards in London, the "Ted Lasso" sensation turned heads not just with her stunning lavender gown but with her fierce stand against disrespect.

A Red Carpet Rumble!

Waddingham, donning a breathtaking one-shoulder beaded gown, was ready to dazzle the photographers when a comment about showing more leg took things south.

The actress, visibly upset, retorted, "Oh my god. You’d never say that to a man, my friend." She didn't stop there, warning, "Don’t be a dick, otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say, ‘Show me leg.’ No." And with that, she walked away, the crowd erupting in cheers.

The video of this bold move has since gone viral, amassing 1.6 million views and counting!

This isn't just about a moment on the red carpet; it's about setting an example.

As one X user put it, "This woman is a role model. Always, always call pricks out on their bullshit." Waddingham's actions have sparked conversations about respect and misogyny in the industry, proving she's as much a hero off-screen as she is on.

But Waddingham's charm doesn't end there. In a candid revelation, she shared her penchant for "lovingly rehoming" items from the "Ted Lasso" set, including an army man given by Jason Sudeikis' character and a first-class ticket prop.

It's this blend of humor, honesty, and heart that makes Hannah Waddingham a true icon.

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For more stories that blend the glamorous with the gutsy, stay tuned. Hannah Waddingham isn't just making fashion statements; she's making a stand, and we're here for it!