Adele hatte mehrere Soundpannen bei ihrem Auftritt

She used to cry but now she sweats!

Adele: What's The Secret Behind Her Weight Loss?

During an appearance on The Ellen Showthe Star Wars actor revealed some of his secrets to staying healthy. Ellen DeGeneres told him he looked really good and asked him what changes he has done!

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The 77-year-old actor explained that he has been biking and playing tennis for a while; he also revealed he has made a couple of changes to his diet!

Harrison Ford says he was tired of eating meat

"Han Solo" then explained he is doing “practically nothing” else apart from eating fish and vegetables - there is no dairy or meat in his diet! "I don't know, it’s really boring," he said.

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Ellen DeGeneres  asked Harrison Ford if there was an specific reason he decided to change his diet. "I just decided I was tired of eating meat, and I know it’s not really good for the planet and not good for me," he explained.

Harrison Ford, who has been active in show business since the 1960's, is set to star in the 2020 film The Call of the Wild, which premieres on February 21st. He will also be part of the cast of a 2021 Indiana Jones movie!