• Christina Applegate's health saga continues
  • She is fighting MS among other things
  • Christina shares some unfiltered details

Disease can take many forms and many ways of victimization as well. Christina's journey through her disease continues to leave us more and more chapters of resilience. Here is the latest updates coming from her camp that are bound to shed an even stronger light at the realities and the horrors of this.

Christina is nothing if not a fighter

This eye-opening account sheds light on the unseen struggles celebrities face and emphasizes the importance of health and resilience.

In the latest buzzworthy episode of the 'MeSsy' podcast, co-hosted by Christina Applegate and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Applegate doesn't hold back on her recent health struggles. The actress, known for her vibrant on-screen presence, reveals a side of her life that's far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Applegate's ordeal began with contracting COVID-19 from a friend, which quickly spiraled into long-term complications and a chest infection. But the plot thickens as she recounts the horror of contracting a sapovirus, leading to severe gastroenteritis - all from a takeout salad.

"Someone else's poop went into my mouth, and I ate it," Applegate candidly shares, highlighting the disturbing source of her illness.

Perhaps the most startling revelation is Applegate's admission to wearing adult diapers, a reality she faces due to the debilitating effects of MS. The discussion between Applegate and Sigler sheds light on the stigmatized world of adult diapers, emphasizing the lack of "pretty" or "accessible" options.

"So adult diapers are a blush pink usually. And they usually have some sort of bow or floral design along the pelvic area. And to be honest, Christina and I have talked about this, putting on an adult diaper, you're not gonna feel sexy," said Sigler. "You're never gonna slip one on and be like, 'I'm ready for my day.' It's something you gotta wear because your body is malfunctioning."

While Sigler didn't specify when she got the virus, the podcast noted while sharing a clip of the episode on Instagram that "parts of this episode were recorded in 2023."

Despite the setbacks, Applegate's story is one of undeniable strength and resilience. Living with MS and navigating the aftermath of a rare virus, the actress remains a beacon of hope and determination.

Her candidness in sharing these deeply personal experiences offers comfort and solidarity to those facing similar battles.

Christina Applegate's health journey is a powerful reminder of the unpredictability of life and the strength it takes to face its challenges head-on. 

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It's no doubt she is already an inspiration to millions around the world.

Her openness in discussing topics often considered taboo is not only brave but also provides a much-needed platform for raising awareness about MS and the importance of health vigilance.