• James and Oliver Phelps starred in Harry Potter
  • They are identical twins
  • Find out what the actors are doing now

They are all grown up! The UK-born identical twins Oliver Phelps (38) and James Phelps (38) are well known for the successful Harry Potter film series. Early on the brothers discovered their passion for acting and appeared together on stage for school theatre performances. 

The "Weasley" twins: This is what they look like now

At just 14, the teenagers auditioned for the roles of the twin brothers "Fred" and "George Weasley" and prevailed against the competition. James took over the roles of "Fred" and Oliver the role of "George". But most of the time, we weren't able to tell them apart anyway.

But in real life, they don't have much in common with the "Weasley" brothers, who were always up for a prank. For ten years, the two had to dye their hair red - for the trademark of the "Weasley" family. Today, the two wear their natural hair color again!

James Phelps & Oliver Phelps 2019 in Madrid 

Oliver and James Phelps: What are the twins doing today?

After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2, the last film in the series, not much was heard from "Weasley" brothers, as Oliver and James Phelps disappeared from the big screen. In 2015, the two were eventually back in front of the camera and could be seen in the movie Danny and the Human Zoo.

James last appeared in the film Own Worst Enemy with his brother and Oliver Phelps starred in the short film 7 Days: The True Story of Blind Dave Heeley. In the meantime, the twins support various charity projects. In October 2018, the sibling duo opened a Harry Potter exhibition at Filmpark Babelsberg in Berlin, Germany.

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Apart from acting, sport is a great passion of the brothers. In addition to football, they are also interested in rugby and cricket. Especially James is active on the bike. In 2019, he took part in the so-called "Big Mountain Challenge", for which he drove through the French Alps for a good cause.

Entertainment industry-wise, the twins currently have an upcoming film which they'll both star alongside in called Own Worst Enemy. They also now have their own podcast called "Normal Not Normal".

The men also love traveling and experiencing other cultures up close. On Twitter and Instagram, James and Oliver share their lives with their fans. They have remained faithful to their native Birmingham, where they both live with their family.