• Harry Styles had to abandon a concert in Colombia
  • It turned into chaos
  • Authorities resolved the issue

Harry Styles is one of the most successful musical acts on the planet right now. With millions of international fans,it's not uncommon to see Harry touring all over the globe. However, this is probably not how Harry Styles imagined his concert in Bogotá. The British singer is currently on a big stadium tour and stopped in the Colombian capital a few days ago.

Harry's fans can sure get rowdy!

Luckily, it was nothing that Harry did. Phew! The concert there suddenly came to an end, but what happened? As reported by Daily Mail, eight fans wanted to be as close as possible to their idol and tried to storm the stage from the front. It's a good possibility that alcohol was involved...

Also interesting:

The action ended in violent scuffles among the concert-goers. Videos on Twitter show some even being pushed down to the pavement. Harry Styles tried his best to control his fans asking for everyone to keep calm. Unfortunately, this kind of situation has become more and more commonplace in recent times...

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