• Steve Harwell is dying
  • The Smash Mouth singer had a drinking problem
  • His state of health is hopeless

The rock band Smash Mouth became world famous with hits like "All Star" or "Walkin' on the Sun" in the early 2000s. They are fondly remembered these days by most people as the band that gave us the theme of the beloved animated classic 'Shrek'. It has now been revealed that the band's former frontman Steve Harwell is dying.

Steve is suffering in his last days

As TMZ has reported, Steve Harwell is suffering from serious liver failure due to his excessive alcohol consumption. The singer has likely had an alcohol problem for years now and has been treated in the hospital.

Also interesting:

Steve is now back home, where friends and relatives are saying goodbye to him. Things don't look good for the musician and it seems like those around him aren't optimistic at all...

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