• Heidi Klum posted a hot new Instagram video
  • She dances in a skimpy leather outfit
  • The model revealed a lot of her body 

Heidi Klum just can't be contained! The German top model is known for her revealing posts on Instagram. Now Heidi shows what she's got once again.

Heidi Klum dances it up in a little leather outfit

In her latest Instagram video, Heidi Klum prances in front of the camera in a hot leather ensemble, which stands out with lacing and cut-outs. See it in the video above.

Also interesting:

At the same time, Heidi puts on a dance show and tousles her hair. Her top straps slip down and also the XXL neckline is on full display.

Can it get any more revealing? You can never be sure with Heidi Klum.

Watch the video above for more.