• Heidi Klum shares intimate video
  • She poses with her husband Tom
  • It gets hot in the elevator

Heidi Klum (51) and her husband Tom Kaulitz (34) are very affectionate with each other. Whether on social media or at events, they enjoy showing their love. In a video Heidi recently shared on Instagram, their affection is on full display.

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Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: Things get hot in the elevator

Heidi and Tom are currently traveling in Paris. In the city of love, even the elevator becomes a place for a romantic moment between the couple.

While Heidi swings her hips in her pink feather dress and moves closer to Tom, he playfully gives her a few pats. Heidi films the whole scene herself using her cell phone, capturing their playful moment in the mirror. She doesn't seem concerned that someone might enter the elevator.

Heidi is clearly enjoying her time in Paris. Just a few days ago, she shared some revealing photos, posing without a bra and with a plunging neckline.

During her visit to Paris, Heidi also visited the Moulin Rouge and attended the CSD, dressed in her pink feather dress.

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