• NHL star Henrik Lundqvist has an identical twin
  • His twin brother's name is Joel Lundqvist
  • Can you tell them apart?

Did you know? Henrik Lundqvist has an identical twin brother. His name is Joel Lundqvist and he's also a professional hockey player.

The Lundqvist brothers were born in Åre, Sweden, on March 2, 1982. They recently turned 40, and Henrik shared a photo of the twins side-by-side in a tribute to his brother.

Who's who? Henrik Lundqvist and identical twin Joel

While Henrik and Joel Lundqvist are identical twins, they do look ever so slightly different. Would you know which Lundqvist is which in this picture?

Identical twins: Joel Lundqvist and Henrik Lundqvist

It has to be Joel Lundqvist on the left and Henrik Lundqvist on the right. Of course, they are identical twins, but in side-by-side comparisons, they do have distinct eyebrows and hairlines.

Fittingly enough, Henrik and Joel both enjoyed successful careers as pro hockey players. Henrik Lundqvist became an NHL legend as a goaltender with the New York Rangers.

Also interesting:

Joel Lundqvist didn't have quite the same NHL success. He did spend parts of two seasons with the Dallas Stars, but moved to Swedish pro leagues in 2009. Unlike his netminder brother, Joel played centre.

For his part, Henrik Lundqvist retired from the NHL in 2021 after experiencing heart problems. But he recently had a promising update for fans and hopes to be feeling 100% soon.