• Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia
  • The star has retired from acting
  • His wife Emma is having a hard time

A few days ago, Bruce Willis's family announced that he's giving up his acting career for health reasons. Willis, 67, suffers from a language disorder called aphasia, which affects cognitive functioning. The diagnosis was a shock not only for the fans but also for Bruce's wife Emma Heming, 43.

Bruce Willis health news: His wife Emma is suffering

Understandably, it's been difficult for Bruce Willis's wife Emma. An insider revealed to People how she is handling the situation. "The diagnosis has been hard for Emma," they said. "It's not easy seeing a spouse decline. Their girls are still so young too and Emma has to keep it together for them." The couple has two daughters, Evelyn, 7, and Mabel, 9.

Also interesting:

Bruce Willis and his wife are separated by a big age gap of 24 years. But Emma didn't expect she'd have to care for her partner so soon. "Because Bruce is older than Emma, they knew that his health might decline sooner than hers," explains the insider. "Still, his diagnosis has been shocking for her."

Emma Heming will now work with various specialists and has the "best doctors" supporting her husband Bruce Willis. The Willis family shared the news about Bruce this week.