Much has been said about Patrick Swayze's family in the past years, her sister Bambi, for instance, was recently accused of alcohol abuse and inappropriate behaviour by her ex-husband Don Frazen, according to RadarHowever, it seems that she is not the only Swayze that has been recently in the spotlight. 

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that a new Patrick Swayze documentary was out, revealing new interesting yet tragic facts about the Dirty Dancing star, apart from the ones already known. Those have to be with his brother Sean Kyle, who actually starred in the 1998 film Letters From A Killer with him, and who apparently has a very particular connection with Patrick's former wife Liesa Niemi.

What happened between Sean Kyle Swayze and Lisa Niemi?

Let's not forget the fact that the Swayze family was not very happy with some of the decisions Lisa Niemi made after Patrick died like selling all of his belongings, but especially after she claimed that Patrick's mother Patsy was abusive. According to USA TodayLisa once said that Patsy was "very violent," and she even recalled a time when she allegedly abused her son physically. 

But it seems like Patrick's brother Sean Kyle has always been there to defend his mother. During an interview with Radar OnlineSean denied Lisa's claims and said that Patrick's widow "has been grubbing for money since he died. Anything that makes her money she’ll tell the press." Then he added that the female head of the Swayze family certainly had a temper, but that he and his brother Patrick were never physically abused: "We never got punched in the face, hit across the body or slapped in the face," the actor explained.

It's been 10 years without Patrick Swayze, but it seems that details about his private life will still surprise us from time to time!

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