Christopher Lambert is best-known for playing "Connor McLeod" in the adventure fantasy film Highlander. The now sixty-one-year-old heartthrob is still a sought-after actor and has no intention of retiring just yet!  

Christopher Lambert discovered his love of acting at school when he was just twelve years old. He had a role in the school play and decided there and then that he was going to be an actor. His parents were not as enamoured with the idea as he was however, and so he started working in finance after finishing secondary school, only to quit his job after a couple of months to look for work as a professional actor. He celebrated his biggest successes as an actor in the films Highlander (1986), Beowulf (1999) and the 1987 action classic The Sicilian. Lambert is still a popular actor today and recently appeared in the films Sobibor and Chacun Sa Vie. 

Lambert is also a passionate winemaker

As much as he loves being in front of the camera, Lambert has developed a different passion, away from the glitz of the film industry.  He has discovered the joys of winemaking and owns a vineyard with sommelier Eric Beaumard, at which they produce around 4000 cases of their famous wine each year.  

The sixty-one-year-old has been married to Diane Lane, Jaimyse Haft, and, most recently, to the French actress Sophie Marceau (52).