• Denise Ohnona is a model
  • She walked the runways during Paris Fashion Week
  • She confused many fans and viewers with her uncanny resemblance to a famous model

Denise Ohnona (43) attracted a lot of attention at this year's Marine Serre show at Fashion Week in Paris. But what was the reason? The English model bears a striking resemblance to Kate Moss (50). Only at a second glance can you spot small differences.

She amazed the audience when she walked down the catwalk in an outfit made entirely of leather and adorned with the brand's characteristic crescent moon motif.

Denise Ohnona imitates Kate Moss professionally

The 43-year-old impressed fans with her striking cheekbones, slim figure, and ash-blonde hair. It was therefore no wonder that many of those present mistook her for the world-famous supermodel.

Ohnona, who is known by her Instagram name @iamnotkatemoss, is a professional celebrity impersonator. She describes herself as the "World’s N°1 Kate Moss Lookalike."

Denise Ohnona offers her services as a "Kate Moss lookalike" through an agency. Her description on the website praises her as the spitting image of the famous supermodel. At the same time, it emphasizes that she is perfect for press releases, product launches, fashion shows, photo shoots and parties.

Fans celebrate Ohnona's resemblance to Kate Moss

The professional lookalike shared her experiences from the show on Instagram. One video showed how she was styled for the event, while another showed her runway appearance.

Her contributions received a number of reactions, with many praising her performance and drawing comparisons to Kate Moss.

So far, neither the real Kate Moss nor those responsible for the show have reacted publicly to Ohnona's participation in Paris Fashion Week.

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