He started the Michael J. Fox Foundation

How Bravely Michael J. Fox Deals With His Illness

Michael J. Fox at the Oscars

Michael J. Fox is an extremely well-known and established actor in Hollywood. He has starred in countless series and films including Back to the Future, Family Ties and The Good Wife. Since 1991, he has suffered from Parkinson's disease and opens up on what it's been like dealing with this illness for so many years. 

In 2000, the Back to the Future star started The Micheal J. For Foundation for Parkinson's Research in the hopes of coming closer to a cure for the illness. He gave an interview in March of this year and explained how he deals with his illness while still acting and being active in the entertainment industry. We are so proud of Michael J. Fox for his continued optimism and we wish him nothing but the best always. Watch the video above for more details.

Michael J. Fox attends a benefit for his foundation

Michael J. Fox at an event for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research