• Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for Joker
  • But the role took a lot out of the actor
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Joker is a film that recounts the tortuous life of an aspiring comedian that leads him to become the "Joker", who also happens to be "Batman's" arch-enemy.

Joaquin Phoenix made the announcement that he agreed to play "Arthur Fleck" in July 2018 and production began in September of that year.

How Joker Affected Joaquin Phoenix's Personal Life

In a matter of weeks, the actor who has not eaten meat since childhood underwent an intense diet from which he came out 23kg lighter.

This Is How 'Joker' Affected Joaquin Phoenix's Personal Life

Joaquin Phoenix's older brother, the late River Phoenix, was the one who prompted him to be an actor by showing him Martin Scorsese films. This was the main reason he accepted the role. 

Joaquin was also a good friend of Heath Ledger and knew what the character did to the deceased Oscar winner, so he did not want to approach Joker in the same way.

Also interesting:

Joaquin Phoenix has now hinted at a possible sequel to Joker.

Could there really be another movie...?

'Joker': Joaquin Phoenix Hints At Possible Sequel

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Val Kilmer played "Batman" before Michael Keaton did.

If you want to learn more about how this role affected the star, check out the video above!